About empower 

Founded in 2016, Empower is an energy company in the fields of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction, with consultancy for energy system leasing and power systems. Empower is a pioneer in the Sudanese energy market, holding a wealth of experience, through its employees.

Professionalism & Integrity Our mission

At Empower we choose to work closely with clients to understand their solar energy requirements, and in turn we tailor our services to meet their every need. Our highly qualified workforce

Empower aims to harness Sudan’s abundant exposure to sunlight,lead the transition towards renewable energy solutions,

provides comprehensive designs, engineering and construction services to the highest professional level, ensuring full compliance with the standards of transparency and confidentiality.

as well as improve the accessibility and quality of electricity through Solar Energy within the next 15 years.

The challenge of adapting and incorporating new technologies has never been an obstacle for our team. At Empower we seek to gain competitive advantage by

We recognize the importance of rural electrification and its social, educational and economic impact on improving household living standards.

being innovative, applying new ideas and more efficient methods to improve processes and means of communication, we aim to always be ahead of the curve and ultimately make the lives of our clients easier.

At Empower we have been applying our expertise in innovation into growing greener, more sustainable Sudanese communities.

 Innovation Responsibility & Growth