Operation & Maintenance

Energy Solutions


Engineering Procurement Construction

Engineering, procurement, and construction contracts are a form of contract used to undertake construction works by the private sector on large-scale and complex infrastructure projects. 

E: In developing solar systems, Empower uses state-of-art software and techniques. Every aspect of our initial designs is analyzed using software, from the tilt angle and orientation of the panels to the size of power electronics to be incorporated. This ensures that the correct components are used at every stage of the project.

   P: In our procurement department, we ensure that our customers recieive the highest quality components at the most competitive prices. By handling all procurement and       logistics for our clients, we allow them to simply enjoy the benefits of buying and shipping.

C: Our projects are successful because of timely and efficient construction. Our engineers, along with staff from our partners in Germany and Jordan, ensure the safe and successful delivery of energy solutions to all of our clients, whether individuals or organizations. 

Operation and Maintenance

Operations is an area of management concerned with designing and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of services. Maintenance involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, and residential installations. 

The importance of consistent and thorough maintenance of solar systems cannot be overstated. A 1MW solar PV system may lose hundreds of kWh of yield every day due to poor servicing and/or maintenance. With Empower, we ensure our customers’ systems so they can maximize their energy output for a fraction of the cost that would otherwise be lost due to inefficiency. Based on the size of the system and the preferences of our clients, we offer contracts of 12, 24 and 48.

Energy Solutions

Energy solutions that we provide include; Grid-Tie Solutions, Off-Grid Solar Systems, Hybrid Solar Systems, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Street Lights Systems, Solar Corporate Solutions and Energy Storage Solutions. 

Fuel Saving Solutions
Grid-tie solar systems

A solar system that connects the solar panel installation with the main electricity grid is known as a grid-tied solar power system and if legislation allows, you will be able to feed excess energy back into the grid through a special meter, and when legislation allows you will be financially rewarded.

off-grid solar systems

In areas where the electricity supply from the national grid is either unavailable or financially impractical a stand-alone photovoltaic system is an ideal solution for generating energy. Storage systems are necessary in an off-grid PV system, since the solar modules can only produce electricity during daytime. The most common storage systems consist of rechargeable batteries and a battery regulator, which is required to prevent battery overcharging where the power is then drained from the battery for use as electricity. Typical applications include farms, remote communities, water pumps, tents, boats, street lights, radio masts and telecommunications towers.

hybrid solar systems

In remote areas where the electricity supply from the national grid is either unavailable or financially impractical a stand-alone backup/hybrid system is another ideal solution for generating energy. Backup & hybrid solutions require power storage systems that are necessary in remote areas since grid access is not feasible.

The most common back up & hybrid solutions consist of a combination of standard fuel generators, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries for use as an electricity source. These solutions rely primarily on the solar panels for energy generation and then re-direct to the use of the power generators when demand increases. Typical applications include farms, remote communities, water pumps, tents, boats, street lights, radio masts and telecommunications towers.

solar water pump systems

In many parts of the globe, water for drinking, livestock watering, irrigation and other use is a very limited resource.Where it is lacking, it deprives people of the opportunity to realize their full personal and economic potential. 

Where water is available it is often located far from the domiciles of its consumers who have to spend a large proportion of their time walking to and fro the location of the water source, wasting time and energy that could be spend on other productive activities.

Our Solar water pumping systems are highly efficient and designed to lift and transport water to where it is needed, they work as long as there is some daylight.


  • The operational expenses are minimal in comparison to conventional and diesel pumps
  • Quick and efficient
  • 100% independent from diesel and unstable grid connection
  • Our solar based water pump system does not emit greenhouse gases
  • The load on the national grid is reduced
solar street lighting systems

Whether landscape lighting, street lighting, billboard lighting or general area lighting, solar powered lighting systems are among the most economic and environmentally friendly solutions that can enhance visibility and improve security for your designated project. They provide ideal appearance without the need for excessive underground wiring, connections or hardware.


  • No cable or excavation costs
  • Operates as stand-alone system
  • Lithium-iron (LiFePO4) battery technology for ultra-long lifetime
Solar carport systems

Parking lots for vehicles in urban areas can serve more than one purpose. We are confident in our skills to utilize the parking lot areas you have available to both provide your cars with precious shade from Sudan’s scorching sun, as well as produce valuable renewable energy, resulting in cash savings for you or your corporation on the long run.

energy solar solutions

Our range of batteries from Lithium Ion to Gel technology exhibit the longest lifetime amongst market competitors. With our solar power bloc batteries designed specifically for solar applications and thousands of charge/discharge cycles, we ensure your energy storage solution, whether for your solar system or for a UPS system is robust and ultimately delivers the best performance.


Empower consultants bring a vast range of expertise to our clients’ operations. Our consultants are experienced in engineering and procurement in tens of major projects across Europe. Our consultancy areas cover the following fields:

Feasibility studies for EPC and fuel-saving systems
Power systems analysis and design
Procurement and marketing analysis
Project design and management
Financial analysis for return on investment in renewable and non-renewable energy projects.