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Empower is an energy company aiming to lead the transition towards utilizing renewable energy alternatives in Sudan. Comprising of an experienced international work-force, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our employees – our most valuable asset.

One of our core objectives is to lead the way as an implementer of sustainable business practices. The products and services we provide serve the purpose of heavily reducing energy bills and CO2 emissions. We at Empower are unitedly motivated by knowing that our success contributes towards the well-being of the planet, and helps create a greener and better future for generations to come.

More than 60% of Sudan’s population lacks access to electricity, detrimentally impacting the prosperity of many. By harnessing Sudan’s abundant exposure to sunlight, Empower aims to significantly reduce the country’s energy deficit in an ecological and cost-effective manner using solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

With an innovatively unique footprint in the power solutions sector, Empower offers a wide-range of solar PV systems for residential, commercial, industrial and utility-scale use. At Empower, we believe quality is crucial. We therefore only use Tier 1 solar panel vendors as listed on Bloomberg PV, referring to the highest quality manufacturers in the world.

Empower guarantees its clients that each project is carried out with due diligence and meets international quality standards from the initial design stage until the final commissioning of the project. We also take pride in our aftersales services which assure that the client enjoys every kilowatt generated through solar energy. Our customers always have peace of mind knowing that they are dealing with a highly reliable company.

Meet the Founders

Mohamed Maowia


Mohamed Maowia has over 5 years of experience working as an electrical engineer in the UK for RINA Consulting, having been involved in the development of more than 400 MW in renewable and non-renewable projects. Mohamed holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Engineering (Electrical) degree from the University of Southampton. Besides his role as Technical Director in Empower, Mohamed has played a crucial part in consulting Sudan’s transitional government on how to integrate solar power into the country’s energy mix.

Tarek Malzer


Tarek Malzer began his career in finance in the oil and gas sector for multinational Schlumberger followed by working as a supply chain specialist for Capita plc. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s of Science degree in Risk and Finance from the University of Southampton. Tarek is responsible for overseeing the commercial operations of Empower consisting of business development, sales, office administration and human resource management.

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