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Fuel Saving Systems

For those individuals and organisations heavily dependent on the use of fuel, whether diesel or petrol, our fuel-saving solutions are the right match for you. Our turnkey products have been proven to increase the efficiency of diesel engines by up to 40%, ensuring a cost-effective purchase and a return on investment within the warranty period of the product. Besides the lucrative monetary benefits, additional advantages are:

  1. A reduction in carbon emissions of up to 80% - Empower Ltd. is a strong believer in the importance of contributing towards a cleaner planet. It is our goal to lead the way towards more environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practices in Sudan.
  2. Removal of carbon residues and soot inside the engine - the outcome is a clean engine with a longer lifetime.
  3. Easy set-up - our fuel-saving products can be installed by our experienced technicians in less than an hour, allowing you to operate your engine again in no time. Only this time once you turn on your engine, you will have the luxury of benefiting from all the points mentioned above.
  4. Can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of our customers - our fuel-saving products can be applied to diesel gen-sets, heavy vehicles (trucks & agriculture machinery), industrial boilers, buses and cars of any size.

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help reduce your fuel costs significantly.

Energy Storage Solutions

Our range of batteries from Lithium Ion to Gel technology exhibit the longest lifetime amongst market competitors. With our solar power bloc batteries designed specifically for solar applications and thousands of charge/discharge cycles, we ensure your energy storage solution, whether for your solar system or for a UPS system is robust and ultimately delivers the best performance.

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