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Yes. For us, a 25 year power warranty for our PV panels is more than just a marketing statement. We also offer warranties for our power electronics (inverters/controllers), consumer products, fuel-saving and energy storage systems. Contact us to find out what the specific warranties are for your desired product.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our vendors are located all over the world. For our PV panels, we only purchase the highest quality panels from 'TIER 1' manufacturers as ranked by Bloomberg PV. Our power electronics inverters and controllers are manufactured in Europe. In summary, our products come from a range of countries including Germany, Canada,China, Denmark, Jordan, UAE, Portugal and India. Our customers are free to select which products they wish to include in their projects.

What industries do you work with?

We operate within a wide range of industries including the agricultural sector, residential, commercial, industrial as well as utility-scale solar plants. We uncompromisingly commit to completing any type of project in any of these sectors within the agreed time, quality and budget. 

Can you provide a solar pv system for my home?

Yes, we enable our customers to benefit both economically and ecologically in their everyday lives by running their homes either partially or fully on solar power.

what size solar pv system do i need?

This is completely dependent on the wants and needs of the customer. Our experienced consultants are here to provide customers with free consultancy in order to determine the most cost-effective solar solution for any application.

what percentage of fuel-savings will my generator or vehicle have?

Typically, most customers have found their fuel-saving solution to earn them 10-30% in savings, with some cases as much as 40-47%.

does my fuel-saving product work with diesel, petrol and gpl vehicles?

Yes, our fuel-saving products can be fitted to any vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

will installing a fuel-saving product void my generator or vehicle warranty?

No, as it is an add-on that can be easily removed. No modifications are made to the engine or computer and therefore any warranty on the generator and vehicle is upheld.

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